Saturday, May 30, 2009


During our W-o-W Spring get away to ABNY . . .
Uniform Traffic Ticket
ABNY Police Dept

"Patrol was stationary in Dollar General Parking Lot when VG and LB were spotted driving a John Deere Gator down the sidewalk (1:45 pm). Driver VG stated that she did not know the rules about driving down the sidewalk."

Description of violation: Driving on sidewalk

Friday, May 8, 2009

choosing your word

For this year, choose a word that will help you realize your Spring resolution.

We have decided to choose our word each year during our Spring break and reflect upon it the next year. What will your word be?

JH - active
MH - moments
AHT - experience
BJH - evolving
MC - build
MC - health
DB - survival
LB - anticipation
DP - pruning? timely?
DP - focus
AS - wedding
VG - opportunity
EG - please
AS -
AS -
JG -
MG -
DM -